Ushio Lighting

We generate synergy through our technologies, products and ability to make proposals in the domains of light and industry.

We have continued improving our technological and product capabilities throughout our history of over half a century.
Combining them with our strengths in making proposals in our own way, we provide society and the market with solutions to open up the way to the next generation.
In the business domains expected to evolve further in the future, we contribute to our customers and the development of society by making the most of our own abilities.

LED Bulbs

We are very particular about our LED production philosophy of maintaining the light quality, brightness, and image provided by traditional lamps as well as the atmosphere that it creates. In addition, we simulate the shape and the size. Our products offer high compatibility in the true sense that they can be used on existing infrastructure as is.

Halogen Lamps

As a major manufacturer of halogen lamps we offer a wide selection of products, including general lighting, lighting for commercial facilities, TV studio lighting, stage lighting, lightning for optical apparatus and specialist lighting. Our halogen lamps are compact and long lasting, emitting an almost uniform brightness for their entire life, and boasting the maximum possible color rendering and light emitting efficiency.

Metal Halide Lamps

Due to offering a wide and even light with higher efficiency, longer lifespan and lower power consumption than incandescent light bulbs, metal halide lamps really bring their power to bear when used in commercial facilities, outdoor facilities, or as road illumination. We meet all of the needs of our customers by providing metal halide lamps that expand upon freedom of light control and lamp design, and ceramic metal halide lamps that are resistant to changes in color temperature.

Xenon Lamps

A high luminance, positional light source lamp that is the closest in quality to sunlight of all artificial light. Along with uses in situations that require a natural light, such as stage and studio lighting, xenon lamps are also widely used in optical devices such as projectors and for optical heating.

UV Lamps

We offer a complete lineup; "super high pressure UV lamps" which have high intensity, long life and stable radiant intensity, "high pressure UV lamps" that are used in the field of photochemical reactions such as UV hardening and drying, "low pressure UV lamps" used to promote oxidation reactions, and "deep UV lamps" that offer both a wide spectrum and powerful energy.

Infrared Halogen Heater

The light from a halogen lamp to be used as a heat source. In fact, they are an extremely efficient source of energy, with more than 85% of the input power turned into heat, and instantly reaching 1800°C. They are characterized by swift activation, simple control, and by being clean, safe, small and light weight. Such heaters are widely used, from household applications such as cooking and heating through to cutting edge fields such as space development.

LED module & Devices

We have a complete selection of bullet lights, surface mounted and modular types, along with LEDs and photodiodes across all wavelengths. In the infrared region we provide high power LEDs or super high output models to meet with our customer’ needs, and respond to custom and made-to-order pieces, including LED elements with 375 - 1550nm UV, visible light or infrared wavelengths.

Lamps for Marine Use

Making use of more than 30 years of experience in the field of fish-luring lights and our unique research and development into "light," we have created the following halogen, metal halide and LED fish-luring lights that can be used under the harsh conditions found at sea. The highly efficient light of Ushio Lighting meets with the demand for low energy consumption and reduction in required fuel.

Lighting for General

Light illuminates many spaces and situations.At commercial facilities, office, and home, light produces an effect as spot, down, and base light. In stores, light brings out the vibrancy, warmth, texture, and shininess of foods, clothing, accessories, and precious metals. In restaurants and lounges, light sets the tone for a relaxed atmosphere. With our proposal to use “the required light in a required amount at a required time” for a user, we work to offer color, comfort, and luxury along with energy saving.

Lighting for Entertainment

This field requires spectacular and delicate effects, a dynamic atmosphere, and lighting that shows people, objects, and buildings to their best advantage. We can meet the customers’ needs by offering our lighting applications and making the “faces” of objects, people, and nature more spectacular, vibrant, and exciting.Moreover, by providing high value-added services including light planning, sound design, software, and contents production, we offer total solutions that combine light, visuals, and sound.

Lighting for Marine

Making use of more than 30 years of experience in the field of fish-luring lights and our unique research and development into "light," we offer a line up that includes “floodlights” for use on land or sea for crime prevention, accident prevention, observation, search and rescue, and searching for or locating floating objects or obstructions. “LED fish-luring lights” which achieve the same degree of fish luring power as current lights, also contribute to reduction of fuel required for lighting, lower energy consumption, lightening of boat, reduction in maintenance and improvement of working conditions, and cautionary “warning lights.”

Plant growth applications

Plans for the production of safe food products and farming factories seeking to improve self-sufficiency are in serious need of LED lights that can be both suitably and freely controlled. We have used our experience with fitting LEDs, heating technology, optical design technology and overall knowhow to create the first LED lighting units* in the world which are suited to the cultivation of grains.

Lighting for Security

nfrared light is generally used for telecommunication, sensing, testing, analysis, and household remote controls.Based on the properties of infrared light (e.g., invisibility to the human eye and high permeability) we propose using it as a light source to provide security for facilities, rivers, harbors, and airports as well as surveillance oftraffic and illegal dumping.


Products that support manufacturing (Plastics)Because plastics have properties and functions that can match every purpose and use, they have been used as the basis of various products in fields ranging from cutting-edge science, industries, and medicine to everyday items. We offer solutions that support manufacturing in processes of handling plastic raw materials, injection-molding them, and inspecting the products.


Double-sided and single-sided exposure equipment are available for roll-type work, such as electromagnetic interference (EMI) shields, flexible print circuit boards, and touch panels. Automated and manual exposure equipment are available for sheet-type work, such as LEDs, microdevice manufacturing, and print typesetting. This diversity expands the use of light from manufacturing to research.

Light for Inspection

We offer “light” that suits your purpose, including inspections, R&D, and measurements. The equipment supports technological development as a light source that can integrate standardized parts and units such as lamps, lenses, and mirrors according to use. Moreover, it facilitates inspections to detect defects that are hard to identify with the naked eye, including expanded projection, reflection, permeation, and direct viewing.

Factory Automation

System that improves productivity (Factory automation)We offer products that cut total costs by automating work and production processes at factories and bolstering the efficiency and precision of quality management. Throughout the process from manufacturing to inspection and delivery, we pursue total engineering that integrates packing devices, positioners and printers, inspection equipment, measurement equipment, wrapping equipment, and automated assembly equipment.