Our 2kw Xenon followspots have now adopted to Hong Kong Queen Elizabeth Stadium!

Our 2kw follow spotlight, “SUPERSOL 2009SR/e” has been installed at Hong Kong Queen Elizabeth Stadium last month and 4 units of new follow spotlight have been actively used at the venue starting this month.

Queen Elizabeth Theater was opened in 1980, and it is a multipurpose indoor gymnasium run by Hong Kong government.

This arena accommodates up to 3500 people and this is a well-known venue to hold a variety size of concerts.

One of the reasons why the facility staff decided to have our follow spotlight is that “our Xebex brand followspot is high quality and reliable”. The facility staff also commented “it consists of an excellent optical system and its operability.”

We greatly appreciate their trust in our product.

Many thanks to our distributer “Macostor” for hard work and cooperation on this project.



Cultural Center of the Philippines

Our partner in Philippines, “MQ Lightings” supplied 2 units of “Sai-300CB” LED followspot to the Philipines’ benchmark venue “Cultural Center of the Philippines”.

CCP(Cultural Center of the Philippines) was founded in 1969. It is an art center with the longest history in Philippines.

CCP has been used as a premire showcase and has been presenting variety of arts such as music, theater, and dance from all over the world.

When we visited CCP, Sai-300CB was just started to used there. We hope these Sai-300 will be actively used.

We were happy to hear they liked our follow spotlight.

We appriciate our partner MQ Lightings for cooperation and effort toward this project.



2kw Xenon follow spotlight TAKUMI-2000A is installed at “The Forum”

“The Forum” in Inglewood, Los Angeles has been added 2 units of TAKUMI-2000A to their enormous stadium.

“The Forum” is one of the best known concerts and indoor sports venues in the U.S.

We are pleased to support the greatest venue with TAKUMI-2000A.


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2kw Xenon Follow Spotlight?? “TAKUMI-2000A”



USHIO LIGHTING English blog page is now open.

Hello everyone.

We are international follow spotlights sales team of USHIO LIGHTING, INC.

We are happy to announce we have newly established a English blog page.

We will keep posing latest news about Xebex follow spotlight around the world.


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