ENTECH Roadshow 2020 Australia

Hello all.

Hope you are all doing welll though we are having a quite tough time in worldwide.

Stay safe and be positive!!

Today I would like to introduce this ENTECH 2020 report.

ENTECH Roadshow 2020 at Holden pavillion in Sydney was successfully done on March 12th.

The ENTECH Roadshow is a one day touring pop-up tradeshow that comes to five
major cities in Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth.


I joined a show in Sydney this year to support our partner JANDS.

We were excited to show our new LED folowspot Sai-500 in Australia for the first time.

Many people have took time to check the Sai-500 and we have received very good

response from many attendees.

Thank you very much for the people who came to the show ENTECH 2020.


And, Happy 50th anniversary JANDS!!!



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