“YES THEATER” in Namba Osaka

Hi all☺

Today I would like to introduce one of recent installation records from Japan.

“YES THEATER” in Osaka has now installed with our new LED follow spots “Sai-500.”

2 sets of Sai-500 has been set at the theater.

According to the YES THEATER staff,

“The Sai-500 produces very bright and flat spot. As well as the quality of light, the Sai-

500 is very quiet. As you can see from the photo, the Sai-500 is quite close to audience,

but thanks to the quiet design of Sai-500, people can comfortably enjoy a performance.”

YES THEATER is located in Namba, Chuo-ku, one of major entertainment area in Osaka which Osaka prouds of.

YES THEATER has been built in April 2015 as a landmark to offer new information.

“YES THEATER” is located in the basement of Namba Grand Kagetsu, which is a laughter hall of fame.

There are equipped with a total of 324 seats (plus 2 wheelchair zones).

As a new theater influencer, YES THEATER has been equipped with high quality sound systems and lighting equipments as well as communication tools.

YES THEATER is a very new type of venue that meets all different needs including music, theater play, and corporate conferences.

When you have a chance to come to Osaka in the future, this is a venue that you should definitely check out.