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Butterfly Hill Omoriminami

Butterfly Hill Omoriminami has introduced an LED lighting system with a white color temperature control feature in seeking to implement bright light therapy for bedridden elderly residents and those unable to move about freely. With the use of indoor lighting, the therapy aims to make residents perceive changes in the day and to keep their life at a constant rhythm.

< Changes in light intensity during the day reproduced with artificial lighting >
In the morning, intense light at a high color temperature effectively awakens residents and helps them start their day. In the daylight, lighting approximates sunlight to produce an environment that facilitates their activities. In the evening, the system emits soft warm light and gradually lowers the brightness level to effectively help them fall asleep.

Living room
Living room
morning: Soft light
Daytime: Bright light
Evening: warm light
Night time: warm light and soft light
Lighting in each rooms: Daytime→Evening→Night time


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