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Case Studies

Sumida Aquarium

This aquarium has adopted LED lighting to reproduce changes of light seen in the natural environment so visitors can view the different behaviors of creatures living under near-natural conditions.
With their outstanding color reproduction characteristics and ability to enable white color temperature control, an LED floodlight and blue LED floodlight are combined to produce mild light in the morning, intense light in the daytime, a reddish twilight and nightly darkness.
Fine brightness tuning is also incorporated for producing non-constant natural light influenced by clouds and other weather conditions. This is operated with a programming function to generate seamless changes of light.

Morning: soft light
Daytime: Bright light
Evening: warm light
LED flood light attached to the celling.
LED bar light are used in areas with a small space.
LED floodlights are also mounted on the wall of the tank to ensure brightness inside of it.


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