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Expanding LED product lineup of 12 V dichroic mirror halogen lamp (JR) alternatives
New Superline LED series model released

Ushio Lighting, Inc. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo; COO/Managing Director: Takamasa Kikkawa, hereinafter referred to as “Ushio Lighting”) is pleased to announce this release of the new LEDIU*1 LED lamp Superline LED model of the Superline LED series from January 9 (Fri.).

This model is an alternative to the 12 V dichroic mirror halogen lamp (JR) 35 W. With a lamp diameter of 50 mm (φ50), it is the same size. And, it reproduces equivalent maximum luminous intensity and light quality. Superline LED contributes to saving energy and reducing environmental loads, while emitting an attractive light.

The two types of dichroic mirror halogen lamp are 12V (JR) and 110V (JDR), widely used for general
purposes, commercial facilities, and shops. The characteristics of the JR compared to the JDR are
compact size and long life.

Ushio Lighting has been selling models with a GaN on GaN LED as an alternative LED lamp for the MR16 JR lamp.
The new model satisfies the needs of users for:
A highly efficient, compact, and lightweight lamp that achieves both low power consumption and high luminosity

Adhering to our product concept for LED lamps of providing identical characteristics of light and the same shape as well, we have achieved the maximum intensity, size*2, and quality of light equivalent to MR16 JR lamp 35W by bringing together the skills and expertise we have acquired, state-of-the-art optics, heat sink and power source designs, and proprietary technologies (patent-pending). We also successfully reduced weight to less than that of the MR16 JR lamp. With this new model, which is characterized by beautiful contours and gradations of light, we have significantly enhanced our product lineup.

There are two types with different beam angles (18゚ and 32゚). For both, we prepared EZ10 and GU5.3 type bases. Therefore, even if you replace the MR16 JR lamp 35 W, which has been used in many settings, with this new model, they create comparable ambience.

Ushio Lighting plans to advance product development with different color temperatures and dimming control, thereby further expanding the product lineup. Although Ushio Lighting currently has a high market share for JDR alternative LED lamps*3, this expansion of the JR alternative LED lamp lineup will secure top position in the market for halogen lamp-alternative LED lamps.

This model achieves approx. 1/5 in power consumption and approx. 7.5 times*2 longer service life (rated life 30000 hours*4) compared to the MR16 JR lamp 35 W which reproduces equivalent maximum luminous intensity. The results are power and energy savings, as well as a reduced environmental load. For example, if the product is used for 10 hours a day throughout one year (365 days), greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions are reduced approx. 43.9 kg-CO2/kWh*5 per lamp (equivalent to CO2 absorption of about 3.1 cedar trees*6) and electricity expenses are reduced about 2,750 yen*7 under the same conditions.

Main Features

Highly efficient lamps achieve both low power consumption and brightness

The latest highly efficient LED chip, which was designed specifically for this model, is adopted.
By combining our optical design and an LED chip that delivers optimum and maximum product performance, as well as controlling the light, maximum luminous intensity and light quality equivalent to the MR16 JR lamp 35W are achieved with a power consumption of 7.0 W. This high efficiency lamp contributes to power and energy savings.

Reproducing the light of halogen lamps (Providing identical characteristic of light)

We reproduced MR16 JR’s light distribution by repeating our proprietary 3D optical simulations to optimize the control of LED light. Therefore, this model provides beautiful contours and graduations of light, and an ambience that is comparable to a halogen lamp.
It also creates a “leak light” that spills out of MR16 JR’s dichroic mirror toward the back of the lamp by having light that is not collected by the lens pass through a slit in the body.

Compact and lightweight (Same shape)

Size is reduced to almost equivalent to the MR16 JR by our DC driver design, optimum layout of parts, and adoption of proven line-slit type radiation fin with outstanding heat radiation properties.
In addition, the mass of this model is less than that of the MR16 JR lamp 35 W, wiping out the generally held idea that LED lamps are heavier than existing MR16 JR. This model is in the lightest class*3 of LED lamps in the industry.

Typical applications

- Spot lighting for general purposes, commercial facilities, shops, and merchandise displays
- Base lighting for general purposes, commercial facilities, and shops


■ Recommended retail price: Open
■ Market target: 100,000 products (within one year from release)
■ Release date: January 9, 2015 (Fri.)

LEDIU is the acronym for LED products to Integrate USHIO’s advanced technologies. It is a general term describing the LED business of Ushio Lighting and an LED product group produced with the most advanced technologies and quality guaranteed by Ushio Lighting. LEDIU is a registered trademark in Japan.
Compared to the MR16 JR lamp 35 W medium angle (standard type) of Ushio Lighting (based on an internal study)
Based on an internal study as of Oct. 24, 2014
Rated life for an average lighting time until total luminous flux becomes 70% or less or is turned off
Calculated based on the CO2 emission coefficient arising from electricity usage: 0.43 kg CO2/kWh according to The Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association’s website
Calculated based on the annual average CO2 absorption of 14 kg of one 80-year-old cedar (planted forest) in Gifu Prefecture (from the Forestry Agency website)
Calculated using the standard unit price of the new electricity rate of 27 yen/kWh (tax included)

Main specifications and comparison of specifications with MR16 JR lamp*3

Diagram of dimensions

The figures to the right show the dimensions of a conventional halogen lamp for comparison (Unit: mm)

Light distribution pattern and illuminance data

-Beam divergence angle 18° (Base: EZ10 and GU5.3)

-Beam divergence angle 32゜(Base: EZ10 and GU5.3)

Economic and environmental characteristics

Comparison of electric power consumption, electricity expenses, CO2 emissions, etc.

List of models in the LEDIU LED lamp series

LEDIU LED lamp dichroic mirror

From the left,
1) multi-core type φ50 (LED x 3),
2) multi-core type φ50 (LED x 4),
3) dimmable single-core type φ50,
4) multi-core type φ70 (LED x 6)

Superline LED

From left, base EZ10 and base GU5.3

Filament LED lamp “Let”

From left, 50 lm dimmable type / chandelier bulb (base E17) and globe bulb (glass shape G40, base E17)

LED PAR38 lamp


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