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Release of LED Follow Spotlight “Sai-300”
-Realizing high illuminance, good color-rendering properties, easy operation to meet market needs-

USHIO LIGHTING, INC. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo; COO/Managing Director: Ryujiro Tsubaki, hereinafter referred to as “Ushio Lighting”), a subsidiary of Ushio Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Shiro Ushio), is pleased to announce the release of Xebex® LED Follow Spotlight “Sai-300” as a new follow spotlight product essential for effective lighting on stage and at hotels, wedding venues, and other locations in mid-May 2017.

Xebex® follow spotlights manufactured and distributed by Ushio Lighting use three different light sources: xenon lamps, halogen lamps, and LEDs. These are used according to the location and throw distance as stage lighting equipment to light up specific people and points on stage or ceremonials such as large stadiums, outdoor / indoor stages, theaters, concert venues, halls, banquets, and schools.

As general lighting shifts toward LED, the market is seeking LED products for follow spotlights as a replacement for existing light sources. However, meeting user needs does not simply mean shifting toward LED but it also requires developing LED follow spotlights with high illuminance and color reproducibility.
Ushio Lighting developed and sold ULP-150, its first LED follow spotlight, in 2013, which was followed by ULP-200 with a higher illuminance. Despite a focus on illuminance and color reproducibility, both products were designed for short-throw applications. Therefore, Ushio Lighting has completed its medium-throw Sai-300 with high illuminance and color reproducibility and will expand its product lineups.

The main features of Sai-300 are as follows:
● High illuminance and optical design ideal for medium-throw lighting (10-15m): Center illuminance 12000 lx*1
● High color-rendering properties: CRI 90 or higher (R9: 70 or higher, R13: 90 or higher, R15: 90 or higher)*2*3
● Easy operation: Fixture body balance and low heat generation reducing operator burden
● Smooth dimming function
● Silent design: 35 dB or lower (particularly effective for stages, concerts, events, hotels, banquets, and wedding venues)

In addition, the features of LED, such as low power consumption and long life, contribute to reducing operating costs by minimizing electricity costs and cost/time necessary to exchange lamps. It is also ideal for fields of education and small event venues where securing a power supply is difficult.
There is a plan to start global sales of Sai-300, beginning with North America and sequentially expand the market share both in Japan and abroad.

Ushio Lighting is a leading manufacturer of xenon follow spotlights, popular since its launch in 1967, holding over 95% share*4 in Japan. Together with Sai-300, which will be put on the market soon, Ushio Lighting will continue giving effective, exciting, and vividness to stages and events.

Measured at the center of “irradiation distance
5m, spot diameter
φ0.5m” (based on an internal study)
There are two types of CRI
Average CRI (Ra) and Special CRI (Ri). Ra refers to the average value of CRI (R1-R8) for each of the test colors No.1-8. Ri refers to value (R1-R15) evaluated individually for 15 types of test colors; colors of realistic objects such as red, yellow, green, blue, Caucasian complexion, leaf green, and Japanese complexion are selected for R9-R15
Average of measurement made by Ushio Lighting
Based on an internal study as of March 2017
Xebex is a registered trademark of Ushio Lighting, Inc. in Japan and some other countries.

Supplemental explanation of main features

High illuminance and optical design ideal for medium-throw lighting (10-15m)

Offering high illuminance by using 230W white LED array as a light source and adopting optimal optical design

High color-rendering properties

sai300 CRI ChartPlacing emphasis on color reproducibility given many opportunities to light people and costumes; Sai-300 with strengths in expressing red (R9: 70 or higher), Caucasian complexion (R13: 90 or higher), and Japanese complexion (R15: 90 or higher) in addition to average CRI (Ra: 90 or higher) works well with various applications

Easy operation

Sai-300 achieves smooth operation and reduction of operator burden with its body design by leveraging the expertise gained from many years of experience in designing xenon and halogen follow spotlights as well as user feedback. The low heat generation also reduces the user’s burden.

Smooth dimming function

Offering a dimming range of 0 to 100% with due consideration to sites requiring smooth dimming control

Silent design

Offering improved quietness with low-speed rotation of large fans, achieving an approximately 16% noise reduction compared to the first LED follow spotlight, ULP-150

Product structure

Sai-300 CB (color: black)

Consisting of fixture body (Sai-300 CB), stand (STD-II/B), and color changer

Sai-300 CW (color: white) *Custom-made product

Consisting of fixture body (Sai-300 CW), stand (STD-II/W), and color changer

*Select from two colors according to location and occasion

Main uses

Follow spotlight at various locations such as theaters, halls, concert venues, commercial facilities, event venues, TV stations, educational institutions including schools, hotels, banquets, and wedding venues


Scheduled release: Mid-May 2017

Major specifications

Model number:
Sai-300 CB-S | CW-S
Color temperature:
5800 K
Illuminance on minimum irradiation diameter:
12000 lx(φ0.5m/Distance 5m)
Maximum surface temperature:
Minimum throw distance:
Operation angle range:
Upward 45゚/Downward 45゚
W275 x H397 x D975 mm

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