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"Xebex" Follow Spotlight Line-up

In 1965, 2kw and 1kw Xenon follow spotlights were developed as “Xebex" brand follow spotlights based on the lamphouse for cinema projector technology and Ushio's Xenon short arc lamp technology. Since then, Ushio has been increased product lineup from 500w to 3kw long throw Xenon follow spotlights, and they have been very popular among the market.
Lately, LED follow spotlights which were accumulated our technologies as Xenon followspots manufacture, have been also added to our product portfolio. Our LED follow spotlights inherit the same quality of the Xenon follow spotlights, and they are now becoming our leading products.
Today our follow spotlight provides an answer to maximize stage effects for the entertainment world with our outstanding technology and high products reliability.

LED Follow Spotlight


Sai series follow spotlight is a LED follow spotlight which is installed a high color rendering white LED light source. We care very much about color quality of the light.
“Sai(彩)" means “beautifully colored", “colorful", and “shine beautifully" in Japan. As it name suggests, Sai series follow spotlight vividly and accurately reproduce natural colors of skin tones and costumes on stage.

LED Follow spotlight sai-500


User-friendly medium throw follow spotlight (approx.15m-25m) which satisfies the needs from amateur to professional. Sai-500 evolved to a professional model with the smooth dimmer lever control and operability while inheriting the same simple design of Sai series as well as the high color rendering.

ETL & CE certified.

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LED Follow spotlight sai-300


Short throw follow spotlight (approx.10m-15m) which is user-friendly for anyone. Sai-300 is a basic model but has high CRI and still has outstanding operability.

ETL & CE certified.

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Xenon Follow Spotlight

2kW Xenon Follow spot light TAKUMI-2000A


2kW Xenon follow spotlight which is specially developed to meet the growing needs of a global market.

UL 1573 & FCC certified.

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Xenon Follow spot light SUPERSOL


SUPERSOL is the first xenon follow spotlight series which was developed based on USHIO's xenon light source technology for cinema projectors.

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