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Xebex Follow spotlight

Xenon Follow spotlight SUPERSOL Series



This model is suitable for large scale events and outdoor stages. The advanced special lenses have improved the chromatic aberration and the edges are sharper. With the distance of 100m, it will give 3200lx. The fixture uses an aluminum alloy for the outer covering. This model is excellent in mobility and operation performance.

Product structure

  • Spot Head / XPS-3003LSR/e
  • Lamp / UXL-30PR
  • Stand / ST-3003/e
  • Rectifier / KSX-100MHXP
  • Color changer/ XCC-6XA-10”C/e


Model No. SUPERSOL-3003SR/e
Spot Head XPS-3003SR/e
Max. Ambient temperature 40℃
Max. Surface temperature 90℃
Min. Irradiation distance 8m
Min. Oset distance 0.3m
Range of use angle 10 upward / 45 downward
Weight 72kg
Dimensions W435xH525xD1807mm
Noise 45dB or less (Distance: 1m)
Material Aluminum casting and sheet iron
Lamp Type UXL-30PR
Voltage DC30V
Rated lamp power 3000W
Rated lamp current DC100A(Max.) Actual current range 70-100A
Total luminous ux Approx.6,000K
Color temperature 120,000lm
Cooling method Forced air cooling 4-6m/s
Rectier KSX-100MHXP
Rated voltage Single phase 100V-120V, 173V-240V
Electric power consumption 6.3kVA or less
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Input current 100V / 200V : 63A / 32A (60A or less)
Weight 14.5kg
Dimensions W180xH375xD420mm
Stand ST-3003/e
Material Aluminum casting and sheet iron
Weight 51kg
Dimensions W892xH1245-1580xD780mm


Photometric Data
  • The above spot diameter is minimum data.The maximum spot diameter(compared with minimum data) is 2times zoom ratio.


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