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  • March 1963 Established JAPAN SEALANTS, INC.
  • May 1966 Established JAPAN XEBEX, INC.
  • April 1981 Merged JAPAN SEALANTS, INC. and JAPAN XEBEX, INC., changed the company name to U-TECH, INC. (Later, changed its name to USHIO U-TECH, INC.)
  • June 1983 Established HYOGO USHIO ELECTRIC, INC. as a production subsidiary of USHIO INC.
  • June 1990 Established USHIO MARINE, INC.
  • October 1992 Merged HYOGO USHIO ELECTRIC, INC. and Lighting Division of USHIO, INC. into USHIO LIGHTING, INC.
  • April 2000 Merged USHIO MARINE, INC. into USHIO U-TECH, INC.
  • April 2004 Merged USHIO U-TECH, INC. and USHIO LIGHTING, INC., changed the company name to USHIO LIGHTING, INC.
  • April 2015 Acquired MAXRAY INC.
  • April 2017 Established Ushio Entertainment Holdings, Inc. Made three Ushio Group companies—USHIO LIGHTING, INC., XEBEX INC., and MAXRAY INC.—its subsidiaries
  • April 2018 Merged MAXRAY, INC. into USHIO LIGHTING, INC.
  • April 2018 Take over entire business in Japan from Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc.

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