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Corporate Information

  • IncorporationMarch 1963
  • Head Office2-9-1 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0032
  • Board Members
    Chairman and CEO Shiro Ushio
    COO / Managing Director Ryujiro Tsubaki
    Director and Managing Executive Officer Gen Kato
    Director and Managing Executive Officer Satoki Oda
    Director and Managing Executive Officer Katsumi Nakamori
    Outside Director Akihiko Tomaru
    Auditor Toru Konishi
    Outside Auditor Hideki Takizawa
    Senior Executive Officer Sadaaki Shimamoto
    Senior Executive Officer Koichi Sasaki
    Senior Executive Officer Takashi Togawa
    Senior Executive Officer Riki Nishimura
    Executive Officer Katsumi Kusakabe
    Executive Officer Tadahiro Obara
    Executive Officer Yoshimoto Ikezawa
  • Capital¥100,000,000
  • Number of Employees426 (As of April 1, 2018)
  • Offices
    • Production sites:Fukusaki Division, Tsukuba Division
    • Sales:Head Office, Osaka Branch,
      Nagoya Branch, Fukuoka Sales Office
  • Corporate SloganAs an innovator of lighting, we relentlessly strive to offer new value and contribute to the development of a prosperous environment and society.
  • Fundamental Policies
    • Enhance marketabilityWe have in place a framework that allows us to immediately respond to customer needs whether they call for high-mix low-volume production.
    • Proposal based sales with the customer in mindWe respond with great sensitivity to market changes, undertake development in a timely manner, and take the initiative in creating a new variety of products and their applications.
    • Attractive companyWe strive to be a company that runs a balanced management and offers high value-added products.
    • Human resources respected managementAlongside pursuing sustained growth of the company, we respect the individuality of each employee. As such, we make the effort to realize a vibrant workplace and run management that can contribute to the fulfillment of each employee's career.
  • Action GuidelinesFree spirit; challenge to innovate
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