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UV Lamps

Perform high intensity, long life and stable output characteristics. That valid to harden and dry in photochemical reactions, promote oxidation reactions in complete line-up of high-low pressure lamp and Deep UV lamp with wide spectrum and powerful energy.

Instant Lamp


GL Series

Ignite instantly and emit strongly in range of 380-420nm, matching light source for diazo compound exposure.


HL Series

Ignite instantly and emit strongly in range of 300-400nm, matching light source for dichromic acid compound exposure.

Deep UV


UXM Series

Perform continuous wave length from UV to IR same as Xenon lamp and UV lamps. Especially emit strongly in range of 230-320nm.

Super High Pressure UV


USH Sereis

Emit strongly Hg spectrum 365/405/436nm of UV light.

Super High Pressure UV


UVL Series

Emit strongly in range of 250-325nm and single 365nm of Hg spectrum.


UM/UML Series

A high pressure UV lamp with a strong line spectrum in the 250 - 325nm range, along with 365nm that is representative of the resonance line for mercury.

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