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Xenon Follow spot light SUPERSOL

Xenon Follow spot light SUPERSOL

USHIO released Xenon Follow Spotlight named “SUPERSOL” that based on technology of the light source for cinema projector into the market in 1965. And it has been very popular among the market.

Now, SUPERSOL with the reputable USHIO’s xenon short ark lamp is essential for the entertainment lighting world, for example stage, hall, banquet, and so on.

SUPERSOL can reproduce the color temperature close enough to natural daylight. And it brings out sensitive colors of face, skin, costumes and elegant, brilliant colors on the stage as similar to original. In addition it can produce sharp spotlighting effect.

SUPERSOL is designed with advanced features to meet the operator needs. Direct-current input power and the switching rectifier prevent flicker problem, so that the stability of the arc is kept at the highest level.
Especially, it provides user-friendly operational performance such as balance, zoom, and PAN/TILT.

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  3001LSR/e 3003SR/e 2009SR/e 1004SR/e
Throw Distance (m) Spot Diameter (m) Luminosity (lx) Spot Diameter (m) Luminosity (lx) Spot Diameter (m) Luminosity (lx) Spot Diameter (m) Luminosity (lx)
15             1.35φ 11,000
20             1.7φ 6,250
25         1.45φ 22,400 2.15φ 4,000
30         1.7φ 15,500 2.5φ 2,800
35     1.6φ 26,400 2.0φ 11,400 3.0φ 2,050
40     1.8φ 20,300 2.3φ 8,700 3.4φ 1,600
45     2.0φ 16,000 2.55φ 6,900    
50 1.56φ 27,000 2.25φ 13,000 2.9φ 5,600    
60 1.86φ 18,800 2.7φ 9,000 3.4φ 3,800    
70 2.18φ 13,800 3.15φ 6,600 4.0φ 2,800    
80 2.5φ 10,500 3.6φ 5,100 4.6φ 2,100    
90 2.8φ 8,300 4.05φ 4,000        
100 3.1φ 6,700 4.5φ 3,200        
110 3.4φ 5,600            
120 3.7φ 4,700            
130 4.0φ 4,000            

The above Spot Diameter is minimum data.
Maximum Spot Diameter (compared with minimum data) is as follows.
1000W,2000W,3000W : 2times zoom ratio.

Illumination intensity comparison and appropriate irradiation distance by product

The product most appropriate for the usage scene can be selected.


Optical sight for SUPERSOL Optical sight

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